25 years of experience in the field

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PARS Industry is a founding division of the whole group and it has been active both on domestic and foreing markets since 1994.  
Our focus is a production and supply of materials, piping systems, components of technological units and machinery and parts of machines.  
Division Industry is involved in both long term general contracts including year-round deliveries and also in random special deliveries for emergency situations as ¨shut-downs, unplanned repairs and accidents.

years of experience

We have become experts in our field being able to take care of the complete process of implementation.

12 000
projects accomplished

Each and every project is unique and we keep learning and growing with every new project.


Our demands on quality require number of experts who take care of every detail of each project.

Using our own production capacity

At the same time we monitor current capacities of our partners to be able to achieve ideal price to delivery time ratio. As a result we are capable to respond effectively to different requirements and save both time and money.

Monitoring the whole process of order execution

Before the start of production and deliveries our technicians and sales department consults suitability and availability of materials and their technical specification such as standards, heat treatment, testing and inspection range.
The process of execution of production and deliveries is monitored by departments of production, cooperations and quality control.

The order is organized to follow your processes

We coordinate and optimalize the production and logistics of each stage of delivery with the aim of being able to follow the production schedule of our partners during the final assembly of the equipment or of the construction.

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ISO 9001:2015
ISO 14001:2015
PED 2014/68/EU Annex I, Section 3.1
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